Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 weeks

I know there are things to blog about besides my pregnancy.

At least I think there are.

And hopefully I'll find those other things and blog about them again.

Another day.

But yesterday we had another ultrasound. Our first in 10 weeeks. Once again our little one was difficult. I'd read earlier in the day that often a mom can tell the personality of her baby by the was he or she moves in the womb.

Well, she gave us the foot.

And the back of her head.

She's gonna be just like her mother. :)

But finally, she gave us the top of her face.

Can you see her eyeball sockets? And her nose? And lips?

Neither can I.

Still, when I saw her tiny tibia and little femur I thought: I don't know how to say thank you.

And I don't.

And then, there's this:

I also had my glucose test (sp?) yesterday at a lab in a part of the city where I haven't spent much time. Let's just say, I think I was the only white girl in the place for the more than an hour it took to have the test done.

And as I sat waiting, a man came wheeling through on a wheel chair that was on the less-than-expensive side. My guess is, he didn't have a lot of money. Neither do I, which is why I was at this lab in the first place.

But the hat on this wheel chair totin; old man's head said: God is good.

And that's about the only way I know how to say thank you right now: God is good.

Here's a picture Bela took a couple weeks ago of me in San Diego...28 weeks pregnant. It was a beautiful day.


monica said...

it is good and right that all you can blog about is pregnancy. we love hearing about it. and i get teary eyed at every picture of you with that beautiful tummy.

Thany said...


He really is.

jo said...

dang girl! you are one hot mama! I love that picture! I was at a bible study last night, and they were talking about how "God talk to you"--perfect example. He talks to us each day....just got to see the little ways.

Jennifer said...

You look beautiful! I love the tile behind you in the picture!

Callie Nicole said...

You look great!

colvert said...

I love these pictures! You are a beautiful mom!!
- Tiffany, colvertfamily.com

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