Saturday, March 28, 2009

Paul and Ana's Wedding

Paul and Ana, both on staff with us here in Galati, were married last Saturday. It was fun to attend a Romanian wedding for the first time. All the kids from the center were invited so that was really fun, too. They all came dressed up. I can't show their pictures here, but one guy wanted me to take a picture of his 'pumas' which I was happy to do and as you can see, he was especially dapper. He wore a plum colored wool suit (complete with vest!) and his soccer shoes. Seriously, I love that kid. Another guy wore a BRIGHT BLUE jacket with the collar turned up. I wish I could show you how beautiful they all were...they sang to the couple, ate, laughed, and I thought: the marriage feast of the Bride of Christ will be like this. Can't wait...

Also, we were served 3 courses of food (an appetizer of sorts, fish, and then chicken). It all was very yummmy.(I took a picture of the basket of fruit that was on each just made me smile). I guess at most weddings the celebration goes late into the night with dancing and wine. However, this wedding was at the church and therefore sans dancing and wine and therefore ended at 1am rather than 7am.

It was lots of fun and we wish Paul and Ana loads and loads of joy.

Gone from Galati

The Klepacs left Romania last Monday after having lived in Galati for 9 years. While I only knew them for a year, they are dear friends. Sometimes a little time is all it takes. And now, they are deeply missed. They were an incredible support to us, so wise, creative, funny, talented, smart, etc. (Seriously...I'm not just saying that...they are!)Their boys, Simeon and Abram, such a joy.We hope to see them at our wedding in June when Joel will stand as a groom's man for us. Until then, and even after, we will miss them everyday!

Robin, Monica, and myself

Abram was hiding under the cute.

Simeon wasn't feeling so hot the last couple weeks of his time in Galati, so he didn't especially want me to take his picture. Thankfully, he let me. Isn't his tongue cute?

Monday, March 23, 2009


It was my final stop during the visit to the states and so great to be with my sister and her family again. I also had a few friends from Seattle come down, including Zach and Rebecca and their girls. Not to mention, I just love Portland. I really really do...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

California Dreamin'

Sadly, I have very few photos of my time in the Sunshine State. Between planning a wedding and seeing people, I just didn't take very many pictures. Still, it was a sweet time for me as I was able to celebrate with many friends mine and Bela's upcoming nuptials (minus Bela, the one down point of the celebration). I also was able to finally meet the beautiful Jayden Dean (not really her name, I just thought it would be funny to say that..)AND I was able to both see and stay in my sister's gorgeous new house.
While the weather wasn't exactly sunny and warm for my time in California, I'm so grateful I was able to sit with friends and talk and just be. What a gift that it that is better than a 1,000 sunshiney I dream of doing again soon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Texas Size Visit

In an attempt to catch my blog up-to-date, I'm ever so slowly posting pictures of my visit to the states. I stopped in Houston first where I stayed with my sister Jamie and her family. Here are a few pics I took. They welcomed me with a piece of art they'd made...
How quickly our visit went and how soon I miss them again...

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Going out for Chinese

John, Rachel, Bela, and myself decided to go out on a not so late-night (I think it was 7.30pm) Chinese food run one evening in January (yep, we have Chinese food in Galati! Owned by real Chinese people!) We felt like we were in college again and I decided to document the play by play.

Us leaving our apartment...

Bela throwing rocks at the Klepac's bathroom window in a futile attempt to get their attention.

A few drinks before dinner...this definitely didn't happen in college!

The ancient art of vegetable carving...this was a potato. And a spring roll...but that has nothing to do with vegetable carving.

John was hot...hence the half-way rolled up shirt.

In case you're wondering, we're in love...and that seems like a nice note on which to end our not so late-night Chinese food run.

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