Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I had to share...

These pictures of my nieces bitty baby Brynne who's up to just 2 ounces over 8 pounds and just too cute when she's yawning and Ava (the girl in pink who went to bed in her sandals unbeknownced to her mom becaue she loved them so much). How can you not just love 'em so much you want to squeeze 'em?

Also, I'm going for the most comments EVER on the llama incident. So if you have not yet posted and especially if you have never posted, you must do so NOW. Your voice does count, your vote is important. And, I'll be your best friend...what more could you want? Just look at the post below this one title "know what I think is wierd?" and let your voice be heard!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Know What I think is Weird?

Not one person commented about the llama that was at church a couple weeks ago! Am I the only one out there who thinks this was a little kookie, a little out of the ordinary???

Monday, April 23, 2007

Fun Pictures with Jonah

Don't miss my nephew's blog...he's 6 and has some great posts!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Some Hard Words

"When you've talked with the people who are living in fear and poverty and you've held their children in your lap and you've ached as you have contemplated their future, you can't walk away and say, "It's none of our business," and still be faithful to our Lord."
David W. Preus

Photo by Courtney Steever

Keep Portland Weird

A llama was in the church parking lot yesterday...for real...a real llama. And I thought, "what is this kookie place?" Is that the way you spell kookie? A llama in the metro Portland area...I mean, my church is not in the country, we meet in a big city high school. I'm shaking my head quizzickly at the moment. And smiling. I do love Portland.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I was in St. Louis, really, I was...

And here are the pictures to prove it:

This is the Art Museum I thought about visiting...

This is a brick house....which represents how most of the buildings are built in St. Louis. It's actually really beautiful and if you look closely, you'll see Courtney and me in the upper left window.

And this is the Arch in which Angela and I went all the way to the top...much to the chagrin of my tummy. Look closely and you'll see Ange and me in the tiny window in the middle of the Arch. If you ever visit, don't miss the movie documenting how the Arch was built. It's full of suspense...truly.

If you haven't already guessed, there is not one picture proving that I was in St. Louis for almost a week....But, it is a really cool city and I had a great time visiting Angela, Courtney, and Jesse. We all met in Calcutta 2 years ago and they are great friends. It was such a nice time of just resting and relaxing...I wasn't quite ready to come home.

And, in other news, you may not have heard, but I am the best cook-maker EVER! Yep, it's true...check it out

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A visit from the Brittles

Zach, Rebecca, Abi, and Maribel stayed the night with me a couple weeks ago. We crowded into my tiny apartment with Reb and me in the bed and Zach and Abi on the couch. It was great to have's a picture of me with Maribel.

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