Monday, September 24, 2007

Post 100

who knew leaving could make your heart ache so much.

the next time i hold that little face in my hands, it may not let me hold it...he may be too old to crawl up in my lap, to listen to a story, to let me pinch his cheek. i count his little freckles now and believe that there will be a day when all this will matter...this laying down and letting go.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

The sum of all my life be love...

From Amy Carmichael's Edges of His Ways, this day:

"Let me not remember past disappointments. Let me begin each morning with hope, as Thou dost begin each morning with hope for me, even me..."

For love, brave love that ventureth,
For love that faileth not I come,
For love that never wearieth,
Nor findeth burdens burdensome.

I come for hope that springeth green,
And burneth steadfast like a star;
For faith that pierceth through the seen
To things eternal, things that are.

O Love, that lightenest all my ways,
Within, without, below, above,
Flow through the minutes of my days,
The sum of all my life be love.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Elisabeth's 30th Birthday

We celebrated my sister in early August...almost 6 months after her birthday. She wanted a summer party and it was beautiful, almost as beautiful as Elisabeth herself. Southern fare, the Motherlode, and brownies with ice cream kept us all happy. A big screen viewing of Say Anything ended the evening.

Zach and Rebecca: 10 years...

At the beginning of August my good friends Zach and Rebecca celebrated their 10 year anniversary by renewing their vows on the Puget Sound in Seattle. We had drinks at the Waterfront and then walked to the beach where words and communion were shared. Their girls Abi and Maribel were there to share the moment. Hard to believe I've known them for 8's to 10 more and 10 more and more...

Fun Jo

Jonah loves slurpies and his gameboy...he gameboys in the car, in the house, and with his slurpy.

ye ole apartment

here she is...i miss her.

Hiking in the Gorge

A couple months ago Jon and Elisabeth and the kids and I went hiking one Wednesday evening. We ate dinner by E by the side of a little pool of water that was created from this lovely waterfall.

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