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September 16, 2010

For our first anniversary, we decided to take a quick trip to Paris and London on our way to the states. It was a whirlwind time, and while Bela had been to both cities before, we still fell in love with them together. Here are the details about what we ate and drank in these two lovely cities.

The first meal we ate in Paris we failed to document. Which is a tragedy because it was beyond words heavenly. As you will begin to see is a pattern, I don't remember much of what Bela ate, as is the case with our first lunch, but I have an impeccable memory of that which I partook. So, this lunch, we stopped at a little bakery. Bela had a sandwhich. I had a loaf of bread with melted brie in it. The grilled cheese of heaven.

After doing some sight-seeing, we decided to take a pause at one of those little French cafes you hear so much about. While they are not cheap, the ambiance is completely Paris and it was lovely to sip my coffee and watch Parisians pass well as quite a few tourists.

Dinner our first night in Paris was spent in the Latin Quarter. We basically stopped at a touristy type place, but the food was great. White wine. French onion soup unlike any I have ever eaten, it melted in my mouth. And, for me, boeuf bourguignon. I'm at a loss for adjectives to describe how good it was. Notice, both the rice and potatoes for my sides. With a side of bread. The French love their carbs.

The next morning we stopped at a little cafe/bakery and had coffee and roles. The raisin one was the butteriest mouthwatering goodness I've eaten ever. The coffee was good, too.

For lunch we stopped at a sweet outdoor cafe where kids were playing soccer right in front of us and may or may not have just missed hitting us with the ball more than once. Anywho, we had crepes. I can't remember what kind, but we had crepes for lunch and crepes for dessert. And beer to drink. It was fabulous.

Later in the afternoon we had a snack of lemon crepes. Eaten on a bench in a Parisian park on our way to the Louvre.

And then, our First Anniversary Dinner. While we roamed the streets I had spied a little place called 'Cru'. It was tucked off the road in the middle of a courtyard. We decided to try it.

At first, they asked us if we had reservations, although at that point the place was empty. When we said we didn't, they checked and decided they could take us. So, we sat. As you can see, it was very modern, very bare bones in it's style. Even the water carafe and wine decanter were modeled to look like plastic bottles (but they were glass) and the cups like a glorified dixie cup (but they were glass, too).

So, we set about ordering. Bela, who knows French, asked some questions about what the cuts of meat meant. I decided that I wanted chuncks of meat in Thai seasonings while he wanted thinly sliced meat. One thing was stumping us, though. What did they mean when they said that the meat was 'cru'? We asked the waitress, who in broken English tried to explain, but decided to just ask what the right word was.

Raw. The meat was 'cru', or, raw.

We looked at one another and blinked. Do we stay? Do we dare to venture down this road of raw meat, tartar it is called? Shrugged our shoulders and said: when in Paris, do as the Parisians! And happily cuddled up with a basket of bread and a creme fraiche spread.

Our food was delivered. Honestly, I thought mine looked like a glorified hamburger patty. But, it was better than raw hamburger. Perfectly cured and seasoned. Bela's potato wedges were just so cute...and we both agreed that my meal was better than his. Although, again, I don't remember what he ate.

Dessert, although undocumented, was even better than the dinner. Raspberry cheesecake in a cute little circle shape is what I ate. You'll have to ask Bela what he had.

After a day and a half in Paris, we took the train to London and spent the day with friends. Bela was craving authentic fish 'n chips, so we went in search of them. Which shouldn't have been too difficult given as we were in London and the English are famous for their fish 'n chips. Turns out finding more affordable fish 'n chips in a tourist area in London is what can be a challenge. We ended up finding a little place in a flea market type area. I'll be honest. They weren't the best ever, but they were good enough. (And, who wants peas with their fried fish and potatoes, I ask you? I never want them, even less as a side with greasy food. Bela ate mine).

After several hours of walking and sight-seeing, we decided to stop at a pub and rest a bit. It was a fun old place, with several old men dressed up in their old military uniforms. Bela had a beer that they make on site, while I had something called Pimms...and it was so good! It had this English liqueor as well as lemonade and fruit in it. A must have if ever you are in England or see the bottle for sale in a duty-free shop.

To round out the day (and I must say, by this point I was exhausted. We'd just run around 2 major cities in 3 days) we stopped at an Asian restaurant. It's a chain in England, I guess, and the food was great. At least what I had was great. I still dream about it..some kind of curry chicken thing. That's mine in the big bowl. I don't remember what Bela had, but, it was good too. Just not as good as mine. :)

Soon after dinner we said good-bye to our sweet friends and headed our tired selves to the airport where we spent the night waiting for our early flight to the states. Wish I had pictures documenting that adventure. We stayed at a little coffee shop in the airport and the Middle-Eastern man who ran it was so nice. I fell asleep I don't know how many times, my head swinging back against my chair, mouth wide open, and as we were leaving in the morning he asked me: did you sleep well? And sold me my cup of coffee. (He really was nice, not sure if I made him sound that way or not here...)

And that is what we ate, and drank, while in Paris and London. Make sure you go back to the HOME page to comment!!!

June 15, 2010

I did it!!! With a little help from Anca, I finished THIS t-shirt. Should you want to make one yourself, you should click on the word THIS (not this one, the other one) which will take you to The Pleated Poppy, a really fun, great site.

The one on her site I'm liking a bit more than mine, but, mine will do.

June 8, 2010

photo a Google image

Our first wedding anniversary is right around the corner and in celebration we decided to stop by the city of lights and love on our way to the states. They visit will be brief, but we are excited!

Have you been to Paris? Tell me what we shouldn't miss!!!

June 2, 2010

Bela bought me this ring for my birthday. Thought I'd share it since it's so pretty...

May 31, 2010

Here are some things I'm working on, some things I've read so far this year, and the soundtrack to the first 6 months of 2010 (can you believe we are halfway into this year!!!)

This week I'm hoping to make THIS t-shirt from the directions Lindsey gives on her blog The Pleated Poppy.

Last weekend, I got together with my friend Anca who helped me make this skirt!!!

So far this year I've read:
The Brothers K, David James Duncan
The Lacuna, Barbara Kingsolver
My Sister, My Love: The Intimate Story of Skyler Rampike, Joyce Carol Oates
Surprised by Hope, N.T. Wright
River Teeth, David James Duncan
Glass Castles, Jeanette Wells
The Violence of Love, Oscar Romero
The Golden Compass Trilogy (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass, Philip Pullman
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Tao, Junot Diaz
Sandplay Therapy: A Step by Step Guide
Sandplay Sourcebook
Mourning Doves, Helen Forrester
Can You Drink the Cup? Henri Nouwen
Peace Like a River, Leif Enger

I really enjoyed Peace Like a River and Glass Castle. Can't wait to read more from these authors. Also, I'm also currently working on several other books...Caretakers of Our Common House, The Prophetic Imagination, and Becoming Human to name just a few.

And, my playlist this year so far is:
Chad Vaccarino, This is the New Year
Vedera, Satisfy, on the CD Stages
Jack's Mannequin, Swim, on the CD Glass Passenger
Caedmon's Call, There's Only One, from the CD Share the Well
Mojave 3, Got my Sunshine, Sprout Official Soundtrack
Broken Bells, The High Road, from the single The High Road
Matthew West, You are Everything, from the CD Something to Say
Iration, Falling, from the CD Sample This
Vega 4, Life is Beautiful, from the CD You and Others
Freelance Whales, Hannah, from the CD Weathervanes
Sinnead O'Connor, Only You (theme from The Young Victoria), from The Young Victoria Soundtrack
Mat Kearney, On and On, City of Black and White
Also from Mat Kearney and the same CD, Closer to Love

So, I continue to be a Mat Kearney fan. Also, I've listened to quite a bit of Damian Jurado, but for some reason haven't added him to the play list. And, before it's all said and done, I know I'll have some U2...probably Yahweh. Also, if you are a new music Tuesday fan on Itunes, you'll notice that quite a few of my songs are from them...I heart new music Tuesdays!

You're turn! Tell me what you've been doing, reading and listening to! This means you need to go to the main home page and comment! Seriously, though, living in Romania means it's your job to keep me abreast on all the latest in fashion, reading and listening material!

May 27, 2010
I pulled on a pair of 'summer' pants today. Hot weather pants, ones that help to keep you cool rather than heat ya up.

Well, they're tight.
I knew they would be.
Truth is, those ID pictures from yesterday's post? The most recent one, I'm not only tired in it, I'm chubbier. Check out those cheeks.
At least 10 pounds gained since we married last June. Maybe more. My friend Cheryl, said, and I quote: That, my dear, is happiness.

It doesn't feel like happiness...

And then, this morning in chapel, as I tried to loosen the tight around my waist, I realized this: I'm 38.

Now, this is no reason to gain a bunch of weight, but, it is reason to believe that I don't have to fit into junior sized clothing any longer. I don't ever have to wear a short skirt or shorts again for the rest of my life. I don't ever have to wear a short skirt or shorts again for the rest of my life!!!

And that, my friends, is some freedom.

I'd still like to fit into my size 8. And, I'd also like to be my age.

I also read THIS post this morning from Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience. It's good. Speaks to this. Because, my husband tells me all the time how pretty I am and I usually poo-poo him. So, read her post.

May 19, 2010
I'm grumpy about living in Romania today.
No hot water for 2 weeks is the main reason.
And the incessant pounding in the apartment above me for 2 straight hours last night.
Then there was the man who blocked to door at the grocery store yesterday and rather than holding the door open so I could walk through, walked through himself. And, rather than continuing to hold the door, let the door fall into my shoulder.
I'm grumpy that it's so difficult to buy a head of lettuce for the salad I want to eat.
I'm frustrated with the cockroaches to live in my walls and find their way into my bathtub and onto my bedroom walls...falling in the night a smidge too close to my head.
I'm upset that people leave, people I love. They go away with their luscious babies, never to return. And I keep thinking I hear them in the hallway at the center, talking. But, they're gone.
I'm tired of my kitchen sink that's smaller than my bathroom sink.
I'm weary of my college dorm sized fridge and the washing machine that smells like mildew.
I'm freaked that there is mold everywhere in my apartment, so I try not to think about it and hope that it isn't eating away at our brains or stomachs or lungs.

The truth is, though, that any of this could happen to me anywhere in the world. Things like this don't only happen here, in Galati, in Romania.

And, the truth is, I just want it all to be easier. I want making dinner to be easier. I want taking a shower to be more simple. I want to have enough room and hot water to wash my dishes. I don't want cockroaches to land on my head in the middle of the night (come one, that one's a reasonable desire). I want saying good-bye not to hurt.

I chose this life knowing that it wouldn't be easy. In my idealism I didn't realize how weary I could become.

The truth is, often, I love it. I love that this life isn't a normal one. I love how cute my kitchen sink is, even if it is small. I love walking to the piata, the open air market, to buy my lettuce. I like being reminded how good it is to have hot water from the tap rather than having to warm it up on the stove.
I'll be with honest with you, though, I don't love the cockroaches. And I'm scared about the mold.
But I do love how happy I usually am with the little we have in the tiny apartment we share.

And, I still want it to be easier. Especially the loving. And the good-byes. And holding it all in the same breath.

Tell me, what would you make easier if you could? Please share your thoughts in the comment section of the blog.

May 12, 2010

Things my Husband says that Make me Laugh:

"You sound like Cyndi Lauper when you sing."

"Are you breathing?" as we went running for the first time and I'm badly out of shape.

And this one was so cute because he was trying to use an American expression (well, my usage of American expressions) and got it wrong: "I'm a dilly-dally."***

***please note, I forgot what exactly Bela said in that last "funny thing." I knew he meant to say ding-dong, but couldn't remember his exact mistake. In his extreme graciousness, he provided me with is correct mistake in order for me to finish this post. Isnt' he great?

May 11, 2010
For this, my first official post under Romanian Wifery, I'd like to tell you a few things.

One, I'm married to a Romanian.
Two, we live in Romania.
Three, we work with at risk kids in Romania.
Four, the guy I'm married to is really great. And really smart. And really sweet. And really funny.
Five, you'll hear more about him and what it is to live in Romania in this section of my blog.
Six, thanks for reading.

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