Thursday, January 31, 2008

an internship on the streets

I just read this article on the Word Made Flesh Romania blog and it was really good. It's written by John Koon who is going to be on staff in Galati, hopefully in late spring. Here's the link and take a read!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fun Pictures from Portland


He's a skateboarder.
He's missing both his front teeth.
He's silly.
He's a great big brother.
He's Jonah Fred.


This girl has personality in her pinky toe...
We shared a bed while I was in Portland, and every morning we'd have a little conversation. It was mostly one sided since it was early (she's a very early riser)and I was half asleep, but here a few tidbits.

She woke up one morning around 3.30 and said, "Bepo..."
"I had a nightmare."
"Oh, what about?"
"Something that happened so long ago," she said.
"Hmmm....come here," I said and we snuggled.
"You have bad breath."

Another morning:
"Is it the wii weekend?" (They have a Wii and can only play it on the weekend.)
"What day is it?"
" many days until the weekend?"

And another morning:
"Bepo..." Mind you, I was always asleep when she woke me up saying my aname.)
"I miss my mom."
"Well, when you wake up you can go see her," (Since Ava is such an early riser, she can't go out of her room until 7.30)"Do you want to snuggle with me instead."
"No, I really miss my mom...I've snuggled with you lots of days."

Anyway, this girl moves constantly, I tried to take pictures documenting that. She is also a fabulous dresser (the red dress was made by my mom, the Vans were courtesy of her big brother). So, enjoy this precious girl...she's a doll.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday at Imago Dei Community

So, I'm still in Portland, but go back to California tomorrow. I went to church at Imago Dei this morning and it was such a gift. Pastor Rick is doing a study on finances, which aren't always the most fun messages to listen to, and this morning's wasn't any different. It's hard to hear these words: you are more greedy than you know. Still, along with these words Rick said this: you are loved more than you know. And that, Rick said, is really what all of this is about. A message on finances isn't about our money, it's about the gospel, about Jesus pouring out His life for us. and, if we truly believe this gospel, if we believe that we are loved more than we know, then giving and greed become those things we don't struggle over.

And so, at the end of the message, Rick went to stand with his family, next to his teen-age daughter. He put his arm around her and she snuggled up against him and I thought: you are loved more than you know. I take that picture with me.

If you want to hear the podcast of that message, click HERE.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Please pray with me...

I read this on my friends Josh and Robin's blog. They serve in Galati and I look forward to being with them soon. I've been praying for this young woman and her children often during my days, and would ask that you remember them, too. The baby lost 3 pounds in one month (I think) which is not good for her developmentally. I ask often that her Father would repair that which is broken and that her body and mind would function as it should. Other than that, here's what Robin said on her blog Simply Life:

Other than language lessons, something that has contributed to recent mental and emotional exhaustion has been recent developments with one of the young mothers. I've written about her on this blog before. Over the course of many months, we've tried to support her in growing as a mother to her children (boy of 19 months and baby girl of 9 months). But for may reasons Ana and I recently reported their case to the department of Child Protection. The young mother was aware of this before we even made the report, but afterwards she and the family she lives with made several visits to the center. We spent hours in the counseling room listening to their arguments, complaints, excuses, and faulty logic. It was so frustrating to see how Satan has so obviously held their hearts and minds in bondage. As speakers of truth and instruments of love, we were falsely accused, threatened, and hated.

But at then end of it all, in God's mercy, we were still walking and breathing and living in his peace. We believe that God is the one who has truly led us to this place, even though it was painful. We both testify to the Spirit's presence in our long meetings, and to His words given to Ana every time she opened her mouth. He poured out his patience, love, and peace on us in those hours. Lies hidden in the darkness for so long began to be exposed. We sense that God is birthing something new in this family's life, and it is no surprise that this process of bringing forth new life will be painful.

In the days following our long discussions, this mother has only returned once to visit us. Often, other family members are sent with messages, and we wonder if she is too ashamed to see us face to face.

Last fall, we arranged a family doctor for her and her children. This Christian doctor has gone out of her way to provide nutrition for these children and has probably been the first medical professional to speak with encouragement and respect towards this mother. We have taken her and the kids a half a dozen times. Thinking she was ready, we set up appointments and encouraged her to go without us. She never went.

But on Friday, we received a call from the doctor, saying that this mother had come with her children for a checkup, and that the baby had even gained a tiny bit of weight. We are encouraged by this step on her part.

Please pray for this young family and that we will be filled with love for them. Pray that the light of truth and love would shine ever more brightly into their lives.

To learn more about how you can pray for Galati and those WMF serves, click HERE.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mt. Hood

My sister graciously gave me frequent flyer (flier?) miles to come visit her and the fam in Portland one last time before I leave the country...and I'm reminded of how much I love Portland and Oregon. It's cold here, but the wind is blowing and so it's sunny and clear. Here's an awesome picture of Mt. Hood as seen from Mt. Tabor.

Caution: Cute, Bald Baby Ahead

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


a little cheerleading

who wouldn't want to cheer on such a beautiful day?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Years

This is the only picture that exists of the Herrero New Year's Eve Party. However, it was not the only picture taken.
Don't ask...


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