Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This girl has personality in her pinky toe...
We shared a bed while I was in Portland, and every morning we'd have a little conversation. It was mostly one sided since it was early (she's a very early riser)and I was half asleep, but here a few tidbits.

She woke up one morning around 3.30 and said, "Bepo..."
"I had a nightmare."
"Oh, what about?"
"Something that happened so long ago," she said.
"Hmmm....come here," I said and we snuggled.
"You have bad breath."

Another morning:
"Is it the wii weekend?" (They have a Wii and can only play it on the weekend.)
"What day is it?"
" many days until the weekend?"

And another morning:
"Bepo..." Mind you, I was always asleep when she woke me up saying my aname.)
"I miss my mom."
"Well, when you wake up you can go see her," (Since Ava is such an early riser, she can't go out of her room until 7.30)"Do you want to snuggle with me instead."
"No, I really miss my mom...I've snuggled with you lots of days."

Anyway, this girl moves constantly, I tried to take pictures documenting that. She is also a fabulous dresser (the red dress was made by my mom, the Vans were courtesy of her big brother). So, enjoy this precious girl...she's a doll.


Jennifer said...

She sounds like a lot of fun! I hope to meet her someday!

JamieB said...

umm... how can we have such cute nieces and nephews? God must love us lots. Seriously, she's just so, soo, sooo, CUTE! I miss her.

Liz said...

hahaha. i want you to have a husband that will have these exact conversations with you in the morning. "bepo, you have bad breath"


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