Thursday, September 20, 2007

The sum of all my life be love...

From Amy Carmichael's Edges of His Ways, this day:

"Let me not remember past disappointments. Let me begin each morning with hope, as Thou dost begin each morning with hope for me, even me..."

For love, brave love that ventureth,
For love that faileth not I come,
For love that never wearieth,
Nor findeth burdens burdensome.

I come for hope that springeth green,
And burneth steadfast like a star;
For faith that pierceth through the seen
To things eternal, things that are.

O Love, that lightenest all my ways,
Within, without, below, above,
Flow through the minutes of my days,
The sum of all my life be love.


Jourt said...

Beautiful. This encouraged me today. As have your notes while being here. Love you and look forward to talking soon!

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