Sunday, March 08, 2009

Going out for Chinese

John, Rachel, Bela, and myself decided to go out on a not so late-night (I think it was 7.30pm) Chinese food run one evening in January (yep, we have Chinese food in Galati! Owned by real Chinese people!) We felt like we were in college again and I decided to document the play by play.

Us leaving our apartment...

Bela throwing rocks at the Klepac's bathroom window in a futile attempt to get their attention.

A few drinks before dinner...this definitely didn't happen in college!

The ancient art of vegetable carving...this was a potato. And a spring roll...but that has nothing to do with vegetable carving.

John was hot...hence the half-way rolled up shirt.

In case you're wondering, we're in love...and that seems like a nice note on which to end our not so late-night Chinese food run.


JEM said...

I just need to add that John, with his shift rolled up, is acting VERY Chinese. Middle-aged men walk around the streets in China with their sweaters 'rolled up', and their dress shirts showing, when they are hot. It's quite practical... and something that makes us SMILE :D

Mel (AKA Dad, Grampa) said...

The important question is: was the food good?? MOM

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