Wednesday, January 19, 2011

After watching a documentary about:


you ask to talk in specifics
of that which cannot be described.
what is love?
i can give you dates
a time when i first saw him.
but the falling in love-
it is not named-
as much as it sits here
between us
in this moment
as it did then
and has.

I wrote this several years ago, but after having fallen in love with my husband, it is more true today than it was then.


Brian Miller said... is hard to describe...but yes it is there in between...

Jeff and Aimee said...

Very well done, April. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa notes... said...

That is beautiful, April! In words and in truth.

Abby said...

April, this was so sweet and tender and I love that you wrote it before but holds more meaning with your husband now...I can relate...God is good:)

emily wierenga said...

it is not named-
as much as it sits here
between us

so. perfect.
yes, it just kind of sits, unleaving, doesn't it? love this. thank you dear april.

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