Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When I can't sleep in the middle of the night...

Galatians 1: lullabies

the middle of the night and
i wake up.
a light shimmers in
my room, escaping the boundaries
of the neighbor’s back porch.
i toss and turn on a
sea of bedcovers in time
with the racing beat of my heart.

with my big toe, i peel off
a sock, and then do the same
for the other foot.
this peeling, pulling off layers,
cools me down, leaves me exposed.
i remember who i am,
is the same as who i want to be.

the good news reaches in,
a magic touch
a thousand other voices
and their expectations
are quieted
by the truth.

i sleep again
only to wake in the morning
to find myself


Jeff and Aimee said...


Belinda Munoz said...

A comforting feeling to be cradled. I enjoyed reading this.

Visiting from Emily's Imperfect Prose.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. i have been here and felt that...what a great place to be... cradled...

John Shumate said...

Thank you for this wonderful appropriation of grace. It's transcendent.

Courtney Walsh said...

"I remember who I am is who I want to be."

That part really spoke to me...

Bev said...

this is so beautiful...

Bethany Ann said...

isn't it awesome to obediently let go of it all... and find that He's doing the holding? :) nice.

Kati patrianoceu said...

That feeling of falling back asleep, peaceful once again... precious

Joybird said...

Comforting, restful and safe: all of the feelings a lullaby should invoke. And I love you header and background. Your blog is really beautiful

emily wierenga said...

april---LOVED the imagery of you peeling off your socks and then, finding yourself both exposed and cradled.

stunning, friend.

Emma Major said...

perfect perfect perfect
thanks for posting
emma, new follower

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