Monday, January 31, 2011

An update for Random Updates

It's been awhile since I updated you on our randomness...

Mostly because life hasn't been that random. Our days are filled with the intentionality of waiting...for a baby, for immigration, for jobs. And while we are waiting, we are also enjoying the minute, the hour, the day.

So, random update #1:

If you don't know already, I heart the blog Jones Design Company. If you haven't checked it out yet, you must. This lady (her name is Emily) is creative and fun and just lovely. So, pleae click on the name of her blog and check it out...or, I always have her listed as an inspiring blog on the right of my own blog.

Random update #2: A baby name

Nope, I'm not going to announce the name we've chosen on the blog, although the name isn't a secret and if you're up on the meaning of names, you might could guess the name we've chosen.

And while this may not seem so random, the other day I was praying for wisdom and peace and then thought: that's our baby's name; wisdom and peace. Just seems so fitting for this time in our lives.

Random update #3:

I sleep better when I nap during the day than I do at night.

Random update #4:

We start la maze classes this Wednesday and tomorrow we have a hospital tour complete with a free dinner. The free dinner is actually the main reason why we are going, although I am fairly interested in knowing where to go when I go into labor.

Random update #5:

We bought a changing table dresser (used) for our baby. It's old, but in good condition and I can't wait to start filling it with her clothes, diapers, and lotions so we can change her sweet buns!

And that's about it for Random Updates...thanks for reading. Really...I'm so thankful that you read and view and comment.


Callie Nicole said...

It's so fun to get baby furniture! I can't wait to hear the name that you picked out (assuming you decide to share it on here after she's born . . .)

Jeff and Aimee said...

Ohhh,I love it!!! One question: "f" or "ph"? Feel free to delete this if it's too "disclosing". :)

jo said...

ya! thats awesome. cant wait to see it. :) aimee--you silly goose that could be a million names! :)

Kathryn said...

I wish you had not re-shared that link to Jones Design. I have wasted WAY too much time on that page this afternoon. Can't wait to hear her name - and to see her face!

emily said...

So cute. We almost chose that name for our Audrey {assuming it is the same name Jeff & Aimee think it is}. Thanks for the mention!

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