Friday, December 24, 2010

A child is born

December 24, 2010

And, here we are.

The day before Christmas. Christmas Eve. Sometime on this night, somewhere in time, a child was born and a young girl birthed him.

Being pregnant for the first time, I've thought about Mary and becoming a mother a lot this Christmas. I'm almost 25 years older than she probably was, but I wonder if age difference doesn't keep at bay the worries of motherhood.

Like how will we provide for this little one?

Both Mary and I have no place of our own to lay our children. We live in a borrowed room and instead of a manger, my baby will sleep in second hand basinets and cribs. I'll clothe her in things that have been worn before and wrap her in a baby blanket that was once a sari, sewn by a woman who was a sex slave but now is finding freedom in making purses and blankets.

And I look at all I have for my little girl and realize I have all I really need.

And Mary, when she looked at her little boy, saw that He was all she really needed.

This Christmas, I realize I've been given more than I ever thought possible. Our needs our being met, the Provider is doing what He said He would; He is providing.

And on that night He was born, the greatest provision of all was given. A Son who would become sacrifice, but also God who became man. Like us.

I bask in this provision. And I'm hoping that to this child I've been given, I will be able to point and say: I've not much on this earth to give you, but I give you the one thing I know I have beyond any doubt, the assurance that He has provided, He will provide.

A couple weeks ago I heard that the real meaning behind the word 'merry' was 'mighty.' I wish you a Mighty Christmas, full of the hope of His mighty provision in a new year and the faithfulness of His gentle care in the last year. Even when it feels like that provision isn't so mighty, even when it feels like it isn't so gentle. He is all we really need.


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Thank you for your words. They really spoke to me this evening.

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