Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby shoes...

While still in Romania, we visited a shop in Bucarest called Zara Home. You may be familiar with Zara as a clothing store...their home store is just as great.

I saw some baby girl shoes in the home store and they stole my heart. In fact, I audibly said: OHH! When I saw them. I was by myself. After, I looked around sheepishly, but no one seemed to hear me.

But I didn't buy those sweet shoes.

And, I couldn't stop thinking about them. And so I thought: I bet my sister Elisabeth could make them.

And she could.

And she did.

Look at these sweet things! I can't wait until 10 sweet little toes fill them...


Melissa Campbell said...

They are sweet. Your sister is talented. Maybe she could open her own store?

I remember preparing for my own girls to make their appearance in the world...there is a wonder to being a mom that can't compare to anything else. Bless you as you anticipate and nurture and make ready for the day.

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