Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Potato Soup: unwrapped

It's cooler now, autumn has arrived and I embrace the shift in seasons with with a pot of soup in my arms.

Not any soup, though ~ the perfect soup, the comfort soup, the creamiest, butteriest, and quite possibly yummiest of all soups.

Potato soup.

And this evening, as I sit peeling, my baby belly busting and music softly humming, I think of my mom who prepared this same recipe while I grew.

It never failed to please.

Served with toasted garlic bread and shredded cheddar cheese, her potato soup tastes like a family gathered around an oak table, spoons in hand, chatting, laughing, living.

I slice the onion, add the water, garlic, and salt and set it all to boil. A tub full of potatoes steams soon and so I add the butter and sour cream.

This night I'm years and miles away from the oak table. None of my sisters or I live in the same city. My parents, retired, eat low-carb, so potato soup rarely makes the menu.

And here am I, hot bowl in hand, unwrapping the gift of memory and belonging and living.

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la femme elisabeth said...

ahhh...Ava's FAVORITE!!!!

jo said...

hmmmm hmmmm

Jingle said...


Jingle said...

Welcome To link in a poem to our potluck today, thanks a ton!

linking in an old poem would be cool too.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I love how simple things like potato soup can bring such beautiful wonderful memories. It looks SO good too! :)

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