Wednesday, October 06, 2010

fetita (fetitsa: because I don't know where the 't' with the comma under it is on my Romanian keyboard))

(phew, that was a long title...and now on to more exciting news....)

We are 80% sure we are having a girl!!!

And due to her quite mobile mood on Monday, we were unable to get as good of a shot of the darling as we did previously. (As I said before, she's her father's daughter).

While 4D pictures usually make the babe look a bit alien anyway, her movement made it worst. However, I'm not too proud, or maybe extremely proud, to show her off to you.

Everything is developing well. You'll be able to see her arms and legs and perhaps even notice her fingers. Her brain and heart also look great, as does her mouth. The doctor couldn't find my third chord (?), but didn't seemed too worried about it.

Another great thing was that Nicu and Ionica (my in-laws) were able to be in the room with us when we found out the gender. Finally, we said, a girl for the Ispas family! And, for the Folkertsma family, she's the tie-breaker among the nieces/nephews/grandchildren. 6 girls, 5 boys!

If you're wondering about names, we haven't settled on one yet, although a couple are in the running so stay tuned!

We continue to be so thankful for how healthy our little girl is...for all of you who have been praying. We give thanks.

Truly, I'm not sure I've ever been so excited about anything in my life. I think both Bela and I are...he keeps rubbing my tummy and saying: how's the baby I love most in the world doing?

And, in conclusion, here's a shot of me at 16 weeks.


Kathryn said...

so happy!

jo said...

we are so happy for you!!!! a girl a girl a girl!!!!!!!

Thany said...

Ohhhh a girl-this is PERFECT!! Love your belly! :)

John Shumate said...

My personal experience is that daughters are amazing. It is completely appropriate for you to start being thankful right now because, again- just by my experience, you can't ever be thankful enough.

Aly said...

Wonderful! Girls are wonderful! We are SO happy for you both!
We love you and are just so extremely happy for ya!

Sarah Merwin said...

So exciting! Girls are wonderful!! Congratulations friend.

monica said...

ok, no more reading your blog at work. i am crying now!! so glad the grandparents got to go too!

John Koon said...


Jeff and Aimee said...

It's so amazing to see her packed in there like that, safe and warm. I marvel every time I see the miracle that a sonogram reveals. She is already a VERY loved little baby.

Beggars said...

this is great! congratulations!


thehebs said...

April, I just found your blog and I am beyond words at the joy of you're sweet baby girl. What a blessing. Enjoy these fleeting months when the miracle of life is growing inside you for all to soon you be holding that bit of heaven in your arms. Congratulations my ol friend

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, you're so lucky that you got to find out so early! I'm four (?) weeks ahead of you, and I have to wait another week and a half to know! So happy for you - a sweet little girl!

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