Monday, October 04, 2010

Grateful for Bela

I continue to count the ways I'm thankful and this week I'm lingering on my husband...there's just something about him.

And I'm so thankful...


I love my husband
His eyes that crinkle when smiling
The curve of his mouth
A profile I can stare and stare at.
I love the way he calls me 'baby' and 'my love'.
The way he helps me when I need it
and helps me when I don't.
I love how I love being with him
how precious our time is.
I love his sense of humor ~
most of the time. :)
I love how he loves me.
I love his kind heart
his willing spirit
his desire to grow.
I love how he wants to be a good man ~
and asks me to help him.
I love that he likes to cook
and drive and dream.
I love laughing with him
and walking with him.
I love that his eyes are brown
and his heart is big.
I love that I can't believe he's mine.

(The photo above is Bela with our nieces and nephew...he's gonna be a great dad!)

holy experience


JamieB said...

a really great dad... i hope you have a boy, cause he is awesome at nerf wars!
this made me cry a little. i am grateful you have each other. pretty amazing.

Jeff and Aimee said...

Yay for Bela!

Annesta said...

It's a blessing that you are so grateful for your husband. I join you in gratitude for godly men who follow our Creator and King to lead their families.
May your eyes be open to all the gifts that are yours this week.
blessings and grace to you

Jennifer said...

What a sweet post and picture! I'm so happy for you and your growing family! Your baby will be blessed to have you for a mommy and daddy!

jo said...

we love bela!!

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