Friday, April 30, 2010

Things my Husband says that Make Me Laugh

On the way to the center the other day, my husband was holding my hand and he said, "Holding hands makes me feel young."

I laughed.

I laughed the laugh of youth, of a teen-age girl who is first discovering the power of the affection of another. I giggled the carefree laugh of a girl, free to enjoy life with the brightness of a future ahead of her. I howled for hope. I grinned even while I ached, because I felt his words so deeply, so truly.

I laughed for truth.

We smiled, knowing that what we held in our hands was more powerful than any short-lived youth.

And on this particular new young spring day, we turned our faces to the sun, hand in hand, in gratefulness.


Liz said...

yay! i love this post, can i be your and bela's roommate at the staff gathering? we could get a two bed room.

JamieB said...

this needs to be published - like in a book...
love it

Zsuzsi said...

Really cute post, love it! xoxo

Joel said...

here i am walking with you, feeling the hope and light of the kind of youth that isnt bound by years. i am believing with you for all the good things you desire

Melissa said...

such a sweet post. i feel like that, too when my hubby and i actually get the chance to hold hands. it's like going back to those first days of dating, and getting all giddy all over again. thanks for stopping by!

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