Monday, April 26, 2010

Gratitude Community

I've been checking out a lot of different blogs lately, and probably the most favorite one I've found is A Holy Experience. Do click on the site name to see the blog for yourself. Her words and photos are simple and amazing.

This blogger started something several years ago called A 1,000 gifts. Every Monday she and others post things they're grateful for until they reach 1,000 (or more).

At first I rolled my eyes at such a project, clearly my mind and heart are not in the mood to count the things for which I'm grateful. If I'm grateful, that is.

And then I remembered something Ron Frost said to me almost 15 years ago. He looked me in the eye and with such strong conviction said: Don't ever stop being thankful, April.

My next thought was: I do want to cultivate gratitude in my heart, in my life. Even though it feels sorta hard right now- even though it feels like the antithesis of where I am.

The antithesis being that I don't have what I want, what I desire, what I long for and so I don't feel grateful or thankful.

And being as honest as that last sentence is, now I feel pretty lame.

Because here is still what I know to be true: my God hears, my God sees, my God gives. I've seen this in my own life ~ I can testify to it.

And so, I think, that in order to remember what is true, I need to cultivate gratefulness.

1. I'm grateful that after 37 years of singleness, I'm married.
2. I'm grateful that I'm married to Bela.
3. I'm thankful for really amazing family and friends.
4. I'm so glad I'm an aunt.
5. I'm thankful for spring.
6. I'm thankful for vision that gets me up in the morning.
7. I'm thankful for my washing machine and tiny fridge.
8. I'm grateful for food.
9. I'm glad to be growing some herbs and flowers.
10. And after so many years of being single, I'm thankful to be able to try for babies.

I'm feeling a little vulnerable after laying all that out there. But, my heart shifted a bit, too, and is finding itself humbled by what I've been given.

Maybe you'd like to join me in counting 1,000 gifts? Or maybe in the comment section here you'd just like to say a couple things you're grateful for today...either way, and even if you don't want to, please say hi.

holy experience

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Anna said...

I love doing Multitude Mondays. I'm glad you're joining!

Lylah Ledner said...

Good Morning beautiful April.....i LOVE your post and to know more of your heart on where you thankfulness.

Glad you think Ro Ro is beautiful...he is!

Glad too for the new blog to check out and I MUST write soon...ugh....slipped my mind.

Enjoy your day!

April said...

Lylah: no worries!!! I know you are busy! Thanks for stopping by!

Anna: glad you stopped by, too! Keep coming! :)

Rebecca said...

I love A Holy Experience blog as well. My friend Sharon turned me on to it and Sarah and I bother ready her. I love the Gratitude List. So important. I love that you are now doing that. You are always an inspiration.

JEM said...

April... love the post.... thanks for sharing. You may enjoy Connie Patty's blog in the Czech Republic (Josiah Venture) since you're 'sort of' nearby (although not really ;))... she also did the 1,000 things at one point. Loved it and so I can't wait to hear yours! She's at in case you're interested :) Much love, - jm

Buttercup said...

Hi, Thany told me about your blog & I'm so glad I read this post in particular. I'm striving towards cultivating more gratefulness in my life. Thank you for sharing! :)

April said...

Buttercup: Thanks for stopping by...I hope you do so more. I took a look at your blog, too! There's nothing like the love between an aunt and her nieces and nephews.

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