Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Return Of: Things my Husband Says that Make Me Laugh

"I have a feeling I'm gifted in golf."

Here he is showing John how to hold a 'golf club' a.k.a. broom.

Yeah, we think you're funny...
(and cute)


Jennifer said...

That is TOO cute! :)

Jeff and Aimee said...

Um, has he ever been on a golf course? Is he determined to test this "feeling"?

Callie Nicole said...

Ha! Fun post. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and for the encouragement! I'll be checking back, and I'll also be praying for you guys on your journey to parenthood as well. :-)

April said...

Yep...he's been on a golf course...2 times.
Jennifer and Callie...thanks for stopping by! So glad to have you here!

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