Sunday, May 02, 2010

Multitude Mondays

holy experience

And the counting of 1,000 gifts continues:
11. I'm grateful that tonight I'll sleep besides my husband who loves me.
12. I'm thankful for the walk we went on tonight. He and I. Us. Walking. Together.
13. I'm grateful for kids who make me laugh, who make me hope.
14. I'm thankful for Jamie who is working on the blog with me.
15. On their anniversary, I'm thankful for the marriage of my parents.
16. I'm thankful for my bed, the shelter of a roof and 4 walls.
17. I'm thankfulf or the broken, one of whom is me.
18. I'm grateful for good books.
19. I'm thankful for salads.
20. I'm grateful that my husband is my friend.
21. I'm thankful for Seth who just turned 6.
22. I'm thankful for Terri who just turned....
23. I'm thankful for babies who are born early, but healthy.
24. I'm thankful for the First of May, Labor Day in RO, and hanging out with the kids in warm sunshine, eating good food.
25. I'm thankful for my dad who is turning 62 and off on the adventure of a lifetime with the love of his life!
26. I'm grateful for nice people.
27. I'm grateful that I not only get to try for babies, but I get to try for babies with him!
28. I'm thankful that sometimes, words just come.
29. I'm thankful for retreats and silence and rest.
30. I'm thankful that everything which is His, is mine.


John Shumate said...

April, thanks for this. You have increased the content of gratitude in the world. Thanksgiving multiplies.

amanda said...

still reading... and loving...

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