Friday, May 21, 2010

There's a little girl...

Who likes to draw me pictures...of me.

And more often that not she gives me a side ponytail and chains on my jeans.

But she also writes me little notes saying she loves me. Or hearts are left all over my daytimer.

And I think of all the little girls I know. I think of how so many of them like to draw and color; sitting at a table for hours filling in lines, choosing colors, writing notes of dedication on the pages. And this little girl, she's just like all those others. It's sort of a sorority of drawing, a sisterhood of colors, a solidarity of beauty.

Because that's exactly what they do. That's what this little one has done. Entered my world with her little girl love and given me drawings that line my heart with a beauty that is as deep and breathtaking as any celebrated artist.

Even if I do have a side pontytail.

So, I figure that this blog is getting around 100 hits a day. That doesn't mean that everyone stays who comes by (although I hope most do!), still, if you do happen by, I want to hear from you...I'd love for you to interact with what I'm sharing and posting. So, share some love and leave a comment!!!


Joel said...

i think chains on the jeans would be a good look for you. bela could hold on to them when you lag behind.


Jeff and Aimee said...

"Sorority of drawing". Nice...Btw, I think Deb from Napoleon Dynamite brought back the whole side ponytail thing, so you're good.

Mary said...

No matter where you go little girls follow you and love you. So glad you are getting such precious pictures and love that you deserve.

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