Monday, May 24, 2010

The Friendliest Flower...

Don't you think they are?

These daises are growing in the garden at the drop-in center.

holy experience

I'm thankful for...
70. hot water
71. warm showers
72. Tanner
73. My almost 63 year old mom who is wielding chain saws and daring to imagine her life differently.
74. Aunt Linda and Uncle Dean having Lexus.
75. Peonies and a husband who brings them to me.
76. Cool spring weather.
77. Hearing from old friends.
78. new plants
79. Onion bread.
80. Reading
81. chicken tacos and chardonay
82. the anticipation of a trip home.

On Learning today:
Contemplation: 1,000 Gifts
Activism:: A couple lines from the book Caretakers of Our Common House by Carol Lakey Hess.


Heather of Swallowing A Moose said...

Magnificent Thanks! :)

Be richly blessed this week!

Amy Danielle said...

Amazing list. Beautiful.

Alexis said...

Yes, they are!
Peonies are friendly too.

Annesta said...

I join you in gratitude for hot showers and for your mom. Enjoy her and relish in all she can do at 63!
For peonies...such beautiful gift from our Father.
lovely list

thesix said...

your words and pictures make my heart sing! Thanks girl! Praying for you guys!

Tim and Richelle said...

i love daisies, too... always like the smile from a dear friend.

enjoyed your list! blessings.

Mary said...

#72. sweet. You are the greatest friend and aunt. Luv you!

omahamandy said...

You've Got Mail

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