Monday, July 11, 2011

Gardening continued

Several weeks ago I posted about the garden we were beginning by planting tiny starts. If you missed that post, click HERE

It is with deep regret that I now post the failure of our garden.

In fact, it is not only a failure, but a graveyard.

I have to say, that those little pots full of nothing feel a little like our lives right now.

That isn't to say that we haven't been incredibly blessed. Every day we look into the face of our baby girl and are reminded of what JOY is.

But look at this photo:

Once upon a time tomato plant grew here. One morning, Bela went out to water it. That afternoon, it was completely gone. Nothing left but the little stand that was holding it high.

A gopher ripped it (if one can rip from beneath something)completely gone. As if it had never existed.

And I had to say: this too, God?

We can't keep even one measly tomato plant?

What is one supposed to do when seeds are planted in faith, watered in love, anticipated with joy...and then,

a graveyard.

What is hope supposed to do?

With all the hope that is in me, right now, I'm begging for mercy.

Because a couple of those little seeds did make it. Tenacious, they clung to life in the California heat.

And one tomato plant hasn't disappeared. It's even bearing fruit.


It seems that it's what hangs on when hope hasn't disappeared.


Jeff and Aimee said...

I'm sorry, April. I've had multiple gardening stories with sad endings, so I know how you feel after all your planting and nourishing to be left with death or nothing at all. Those gardening mags make it look so easy. I'm happy to say that I saw pics of Sophie and I can see she's finally gained some weight. She's gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I think it is the pots! They don;t hold water well so the other ones did better.

Joybird said...

Hope in a graveyard, yeah, sometimes you have to dig deep for that or is it that you have to reach high. Either way, I've been there.

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