Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random Updates of the Not-so-Random and Imperfect Prose

I've been trying to blog. I think about it a lot. And...
time gets away from me. Or...
all I can think about writing has to do with baby. And...
no one wants to read a ton of posts about my baby. But...
i'm afraid that I'm going to lose readers due to my lack of posts. So...
please stay with me! And...
hopefully this random update will catch you up and entise you to keep coming back.

Imperfect Prose is at the end of these Random Updates.

1. Today The Oprah Winfrey show ended. And I'm a little sad about it. Not that I was a huge follower, but I enjoyed her. Which reminds me of this time in high school when my friend Anne Marie and I had to do an English project for A.P. comp and we pretended that I was Oprah and she was....I don't remember, but I interviewed her. I wore my mom's old white faux fur coat and recorded the theme song to play...anyway, I was impressed by what I saw of her last show.

2. Which brings me to the fact that due to nursing a certain baby, I've been watching way too much T.V. WAY too much. For the first time I wish I had a Kindle.

3.And, while most of my time is no longer my own, I've been spending a bit of time looking for a job. And so has Bela. He's been spending way more time than me. But, we are looking for work. I'm considering posting our resumes on the blog by way of advertising our abilities. Especially his. They are supernatural. So, if you need an action-figure-super-hero-type, he's your man. He doesn't spin webs or stop speeding bullets, but, he is pretty amazing.

4. I grew up a freckled fair skinned strawberry blonde in Southern California and as a teen-ager, just wanted to be tan. While I've taken a bit better care of my skin in the last 20 years, damage has been done. During my pregnancy my OB said that I should get one of my moles checked out, which I did and the result was that this past Monday I had quite a chunk taken out of my leg to make sure that the mole wasn't malignant. Here's a photo or two of my bandage. I thought about showing the actual wound, but it freaks me out, so I can't imagine what you'd all think.

I should know in a couple weeks the result of this minor surgery.

5. Of course I couldn't do an update without spending some time talking about my baby girl. Here are a few recent photos.

As you can see, Sophie is our bitty baby. While she is long, she is also skinny and has had me worried over the last month that she isn't getting what she needs to grow. We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and our really great doctor said that Sophie is on the charts, just little.

Our Pixie-Lou is super alert, loves to smile, sneezes quite a bit, and even rolled over the other day. She's only 9 weeks old! My friend thinks she'll crawl and walk early...much to my chagrin as I want her to stay little for as long as possible. Notice her stretching those skinny legs!

6. I have a new favorite lunch-time meal. Whole wheat pita, with a spread of humus on the inside, and just plain tuna. It's good.

7. We finally started our little garden. Hoping that these starts will actually start and we can plant them in the ground soon. We did get a couple tomato plants in and one of them is already bearing fruit.

Finally, this poem for Imperfect Prose. I wrote it almost 10 years ago...

The Life I Dream

Is always sunny and balmy
Perfect for working in a blossoming, fertile garden,
That once was a dark and empty void. I am
Nurturing vegetables and children,
With whom I am always round and great.
The love of my life slips into my
Mind and heart and body
Like silk. For moments each day I muse on all
That has become, hoping some
One will care to know that once
I, too, lay a dark and empty garden.

You think I don’t know there will be days I want to walk away?
Times when I’ll be grabbing the porcelain of a toilet,
Sick with pregnancy, sick with worry that I’m too old to give birth,
Moments when I’ll literally pull my own hair out
Rather than touch the child of my flesh who
Is making me lose my mind?
I know I’ll want just 2 seconds to myself, one morning to sleep past 7a.m.,
Enough time to write at least a sentence.
I’ll be glad to pack them off to school,
Meet my husband back in bed, or even
Send him off to work so I can go back to bed.
I know I’ll wish to be alone again.
And when I do, may it only last a second before my
Ever longing heart remembers to be thankful.


Jennifer said...

I would still read your blog if you only posted about Sophie!

Joybird said...

Me, too, this is your blog. You should follow your heart. (In my nosy opinion.) And you wrote that poem 10 years ago. Wow. That's so cool. I like hearing the soil's memories and dreams when it is now full of blooms and life. And last but not least, Sophie is sooooooo cute!

emily wierenga said...

sophie is so, so precious.... and i love that you've started your garden. this was such a fun post. and i agree: write your heart, friend. because it's beautiful.

Brandee Shafer said...

Yay for growing plants and children. Boo about Oprah and minor surgery and job searches. Your life sounds like mine: ups and downsies all the time!

Jeff and Aimee said...

She is gorgeous. I'd love to come see you two sometime if you're up for a visitor.

Callie Nicole said...

Sophie is so cute! And I like reading posts about your baby. :-) I hope the results come back okay and your leg heals well.

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