Thursday, May 12, 2011

To Plant a Garden

Today we bought seeds.
Already late in the season,
our plan for weeks has been
to plant a garden.

Where tiny sprouts should poke,
lies only dust.
The fruit of a dream
still wrapped in its paper package.

I've heard that many a road is paved
with good intentions~
or riddled with the potholes
of unmet desires.

The plans we make,
how we think life should be,
intentions, expectations ~ hopes, dreams.
The crops we harvest when all we really wanted was
to plant a garden.


Joybird said...

The fruit of a dream
still wrapped in its paper package.

Most of my dreams are wrapped up and on a shelf out of my reach. But there is one patch of land, one tiny corner I can prepare, because I think I might be given those seeds next and I want to be ready for them to grow.

emily wierenga said...

when all we really want to do is plant a garden...

this makes me want to throw off my apron and chase those seedling dreams.... thank you for this friend. beautiful write.

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