Monday, June 27, 2011

U2 or With or Without You, Ron Rapp

Almost a week ago Bela and I went to see U2 (the 360 tour)with John and JoAnna (my sister and her hubby).

First, I want to say that the first U2 concert I ever attended was due to the fact that JoAnna didn't give up trying to get tickets. I was a sophomore in high school (1988, Joshua Tree tour) and JoAnna was in 8th grade. My parents said we could go to the concert but we weren't allowed to stay out all night waiting in line for tickets. So, the moment Ticketmaster opened on that Saturday morning I was on the phone...listening to a busy signal. For hours.

Until I finally gave up.

And then Jo, the scrawny red-headed, freckle-faced, 8th grader she was, picked up the phone and dialed...quickly then yelling: I got through!

We bought our tickets and went that November 17. Sat in the nosebleed at the Collesium, was first introduced to the scent of Mary-Jane, and cried when Larry came on the big screen. It was the thrill of our short lives.

So going with Jo again, this her second U2concert, was great.

And Bela's first.

It wasn't the greatest time I've seen them...I mean, it was quite a show and the stage was amazing. But I think my favorite time seeing them EVER was in Vancouver, BC about 10 years ago. Here's the play list from that show: Elevation Tour

It was worship that night.

Still, a couple things will always stand out about this concert for me, and they are these:

Being held by Bela through most the concert because it was kindof cold...and it was close to our second anniversary. And we love each other.

Bela saying he couldn't believe he was there. And just sharing that experience together.

Watching Jo dance by herself since our seats weren't together, but then when no one came to sit next to us, Jo and John moved down to us. And then we danced and sang together.

Having this conversation with a slighty tippy Irish woman in the bathroom:

Her: I'm sitting behind you and, have you heard of Adele?
Me: Yes.
Her: Well, you look like her.
Me: Can't say that I'd know what she looks like.
Her: Well, I saw you and thought: she's Irish.
Me: I'm not.
Her: Well, I am.
The End

But this topped it all:

We arrived early to the venue (Angel Stadium) and so had time to walk around. On one particular stroll, we rounded a corner and saw: Ron Rapp.

Ron is an old friend of our parent's. He used to come to our house every Sunday evening. We've known him a long time...just haven't seen him in awhile.

So, he came into my line of vision and I called: Ron Rapp!

And JoAnna called: With or Without You, Ron Rapp!

And Ron Rapp said: yep.

And we were smiling and standing around him, nodding our heads and he said: And you are?

He didn't recognize us.

So we told him who we were and all laughed and then ran into him a couple more times. The pictures of the concert are actually from him.

But hours and days later, Jo and I were laughing over this encounter...and especially her yelling: With or Without You, Ron Rapp!

I'm laughing as I write it right now.

So that's U2 for me.

Except this.

I really missed my baby.

And I realized how much life has changed for me since I last saw U2.

I still love them. A Lot.

They're still my band. Maybe even THE band for me.

Just cuz of history and stuff.

But that baby of mine...

She's got my heart and my mind like almost nothing ever before.

I sat at the concert and thought: I'm Sophie's mom.

And just the thought brought such beauty to me.

So, With or Without U2,

She's the baby for me.

He's the guy for me.

And she's the U2 going, with or without you Ron Rapp, sister for me.


jo said...

ahhh april! you made me cry!!! I feel the same way! love you sister.

Jennifer said...

That's a great picture of you and Bela.

Jeff and Aimee said...

Awww..what a wonderful mish mash of memories and thoughts. Ain't life grand?

katherine anne said...

I love you guys! :) Missing you in Galati...

JamieB said...

oh man... this made me laugh. several times.
With out without you, Ron Rapp!

you are Sophie's mom. You are Bela's wife. You are my sister.

love you lots...

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