Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Friday Outings

Since it's summer, we spend Fridays doing something special with the kids. 2 weeks ago we spent the day on the Danube River(complete with livestock which accounts for the picture of the horses) and BBQ'd.(Don't miss one kid mimicking Titanic while we were on the ferry crossing the River). Last week we had a scavenger hunt. Again, I can't show all my pictures just for kid's safety sake, but I'm showing the ones I can. Sometimes I let kids use my camera, so there can be funny pictures of me running after them trying to get my camera back.In the pictures at the river you'll see the skyline of Galati in the background from the soccer game.
Also, there are some funny pictures of David during the scavenger hunt, running after busses etc. Actually, we did quite a bit of running that day, me included. It was hot hard work and I was a little bitter that we didn't end up winning after working so hard. Still, you'll see some pictures of Galati here as a result.


Mel said...

Wow, thanks April. It is great to see some of Galati and the good time you all are having. Mom

::athada:: said...

Good ol' mici on the beach!

::athada:: said...

(ask Robin for the Thada/Fowler beach experience)

JamieB said...

some things i observed:
1 - what's with you and the trash picture?
2 - are those real horses?
3 - you look so awesome au natural.
4 - the tree that crosses each other is also awesome and was that just a kid taking that pic?
5 - david beckham's jersey is another awesome thing
6 - as is the kate winslet impersonation

JamieB said...

p.s. do you guys take naps on every trip? cause if you do, they are def your kinda people

April said...

adam: nothing like mici on the beach...and i heard about your cesspool experience. ours was slightly less, shall we say, creamy?

jamie: the trashcan picture was me trying to take a picture of our group for the scavenger hunt. alas and anon, it did not work and we had someone else take it. still, i posted it because it doesn't show any kids...those are real horses! just by our site. and, a kid did take that tree picture...and thanks for saying everything else. i was laughing really hard...which felt good. if you knew the context of your comments you'd be laughing, too...

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