Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Friday, another outing

This time to the art museum. It was a really great proud of our kids who had never done something like this before. And the tour guide was super nice. I don't have pictures of the museum and again, no pictures of kids, but I also gave the camera to the kids again and this is what they captured. (Except the first one of the iron fence, I took that.)

okay, so not super exciting, but they did take some pretty nice ones of each other.
In other news, I thought I'd post a picture of my left hand, over which I poured boiling water last Monday evening. I was making pasta, using a towel as a potholder, the towel caught on the stove grate, and wallah, I had a burnt hand. It was a weird sensation as at first it felt cold, but quickly hurt like the dickens. Anyway, it did blister a bit, but usually when I'm hot and sweaty. It's itchy now because it's healing. Lesson to be learned: try to use potholders whenever possible.


Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about your hand. Try aloe to make it feel better.

I love the picture of the iron gate! So pretty!

angela said...

oh gosh! that is awful. i've had my fair share of burns at kaldis, but nothing like a pot of boiling water. at least it's healing up well, no infection.

i like the pictures of the outings. even, especially, the candid of you. you look happy.

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