Sunday, February 03, 2008


I just have a few people who are on my heart...who need healing. Would you just take a second to pray? thanks...

My dad...his hip is really hurting him and there isn't much medication will do to help the pain. Please pray that all pain will be removed and be replaced with the hip of a much younger man. His name is Mel...not the hip's name, my dad's name. I'd just like for him to be able to do the things he loves to do again.

My friend Laura...she has some serious tremors in arms and other symptoms that are seen in those who have ALS, Parkinsons, or MS. We won't know for a few weeks what exactly the problem is, but her doctor, who is a Christian, told her to 'gather the troops' to pray for a healing.

Rebecca's parents...I won't go into many details, but please pray that her mom would know deliverance and freedom and her dad would be healed.


JEM said...

Hello my friend, I will be praying for your dad. Wanted to mention that my dad also had a great deal of hip pain and went through a very innovative, new-to-the-states surgery last year (been used in the UK for quite some time) and is now playing basketball, hiking, etc., again. We should talk, and I'll try to find out what my dad's hip problem was and what exactly the surgery was--in case there is any similarity with your dad's. Please give him our love. Jenny & Mark

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