Thursday, February 21, 2008

Diva Night

Picture this: an unsuspecting family and a couple of friends venture out on a Friday night for a pizza. Suddenly they are srrounded by individuals wearing blinking crowns and blue feather boas. They've stepped into Diva Night.

So, downtown Redlands was celebrating diva's (I know...I know). Luckily for us, they were also serving free chocolate truffles and sparkling cider (too bad it wasn't the harder stuff). The best part was sharing the evening with Sarah and Makenna.

Mary and I tried holding the camera out and taking a self-portrait...we were laughing so hard because we kept catching these photos of our foreheads and at the time Mary had the largest zit ever...and she never gets zits. It was pretty funny. Tanner called it her war-mark.

As you can see, we caught Tanner and Mateo in their divalisciousness. Malaney was just plain tired of being a diva...and I think Travis was hiding.


Courtney said...

Awww, I love these! That first one is so stinkin' cute. And where did you get that background for your sister's new blog?! So cool! It was really good talking to you today:) You inspire me. Love you!!

Liz said...

i laughed out loud at this. especially at your nephew... i hope you've started a trust fund for the crazy aunt support group/therapy sessions he's gonna need. :)

April said...

court, my sister jamie pointed us in the direction of where they have loads of blog templates.
liz, who needs therapy when it's the aunt who is crazy? actually, it's a proven fact that crazy aunts help nieces and nephews from becoming complacent adults. :)

Anonymous said...
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jo said...

that was so much fun ,the boies or shuld say grils loked funnie.

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