Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Even When I am Alone

It's raining in Portland
a soft cool mist-falling gently,
it unlocks the chains
of a mid-July heat wave.
Such heavy heated bondage
makes my body ache
and disturbs my sleep.
It lays heavy on my slumbering form
and thick in my soul,
so that even in slumber I attempt an escape.
But a woman can only get so far,
even when she is sleeping.
The rude reality of heavy head meeting hard wood,
(or is that hard head meeting heavy wood?)
the quick smack and fast yell of pain-
I am trying to run- help me run!
I call to no one in my inky, hot room.
Crawling back between sheets, I am soon sweaty again,
and peel back the layers
until my white skin lies stark in the dark
with no where to hide,
even when I am alone.


Joel said...


Joel said...

thanks for sharing your experiences through poetry. You have a great intuition and carry the metaphors through beautifully.

Anonymous said...
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