Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Orphan

Photo courtesy of Courtney Steever, on the streets of Kolkata

This weekend (June 2 and 3) has been chosen as the weekend for people all over the world to pray for children at risk...which mean remembering foster kids, street kids, child prostitutes, child soldiers, or children trafficked for the purpose of labor. My friend Rebecca always says that she cannot understand why anyone would hurt a child.

Please remember children this weekend. Think of your own kids, your nieces or nephews, a neighbor kid, any kid you love and let that love drive you to your knees as you consider 'what if?' Pray for the protection of all children, pray that they would know God's love and because of that love, they would be driven to serve Him and others. Pray that they would have food, a place to sleep, a teacher so they can learn. Pray with gratefulness, for but by the grace of God...

To learn more, check out the Viva Network and click on how you can get involved through prayer...


Courtney said...

Hello my pretty friend! I'm glad that you made us aware of this. Not that I shouldn't be praying for those things all of the time, but its nice to know when that will be many people's focus.

I know; I was sad that I didn't get to go with you and Ange when you were here:( That was the first time I had been to either Laclede's Landing or the Arch. Now I know how to get there, heheh:) I am going to call you soon. We should chat. Love you!

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