Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bergstrom Pictures of Moldova

A couple weeks ago, when both our schedules finally allowed, I told my good good friend Rebecca about my plans with Word Made Flesh and Moldova/Romania, she told me that at that very moment her brother-in-law Jonathan (married to her sister Emily, father of Noah) was in Moldova with his parents making contacts for a ministry that his parents would like to begin serving the elderly in....MOLDOVA! It's crazy how such a small country would be calling both of us! I know the Bergstroms because of Emily (Jonathan's wife), who I know well because of my friendship with Rebecca, and Emily and I lived together for a brief time before she married (Jonathan). It's just a small world.

From what I can gather from the Bergstroms, the elderly in Moldova have to live on a around 40 dollars a month. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the pensions and retirement savings of these people who had lived under the regime longer than anyone, was lost. And now, they suffer more than anyone. I look forward to learning more about the vision the Bergstroms have for the elderly of Moldova, truly the widow and orphan in this country of extreme poverty. Please enjoy these photos they took of their trip (it isn't all of them, just a few).


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