Tuesday, May 29, 2007

None of His Words Fell to the Ground

I was reading this article in The Cry (Word Made Flesh advocacy publication) about the prophetic voice and it said that Israel confirmed Samuel's role as a Prophet "because none of his words fell to the ground." And those words caught me...

Lately I've begun (finally) a small private counseling practice. I only have a couple clients, but the act of actually having clients has been a long time coming...and I'm finding that I enjoy it more than I ever thought I would. It is so hard and so rewarding and so humbling. While I would not put myself on the level of Samuel as prophet, there is the prophetic voice that is a part of counseling because ultimately, the voice of the prophet is about revealing and healing and this is much of what happens in counseling.

As I read that none of Samuel's words fell to the ground, none of them were wasted, all of them were worthwhile and true, I prayed that mine would do the same. That as I am filled with His Spirit, the same Spirit that filled Samuel,none of the words I speak would be wasted, but that they would bear fruit and glory to my King.

Picture from United Church of Christ Electronic Library


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