Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Some houses I love...

I've been reading a blog called and really like it. She lives in the Seattle area and a couple posts ago (click HERE to see and make sure to scroll to the end of the post...and be warned, the summer scarf project is also GREAT and on my list to make after THIS, which I'm currently working on...this is a very long parenthetical statement of a sentence.)(as I was saying...) (she) showed some pictures of houses she loves in her town (Seattle).

Ah, the old homes on Capitol Hill or in Madison Park. Taint nothin' like 'em. (except for maybe in Portland :) )

Thought I'd post and re-post some pictures of old houses in Galati. Enjoy!

This one is a favorite of mine, and I'm not sure if you could call it an old house, but it is old and beautiful and I've seen several other residences with similar architecture (I guess that's what you call it?) It's also abandoned, for sale, falling apart.

Here's the balcony that faces the street.

And then, if you peak around the side of the house, these 2 ladies are tucked into the wall, but on the second story. I walk by this building every day and am always in awe of how pretty it is.

I also walk by this building/house every day. In much better condition and beautiful.

These next 2 are of an old giant house that I think may be abandoned, too. It is amazing...I can't imagine what she must have been like in her day.

This one is just down the street from the drop-in center.

This one was taken on A Walk with C.

And I show this one because, as you can see, it was probably gorgeous in its day, too, and is mostly abandoned. I also show it because a couple of our kids live in the bottom story. Complete with a satellite dish.

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emily said...

Those ARE beautiful. The carved stone is amazing. I think half of what makes the N. Cap. Hill homes so beautiful is the landscaping, so if you put a little grass & a few trees around any of those homes they would be stunning.

Blessings to you!

Mary said...

These are all beauties...i'm sure the designer and gardener in you imagines great things for all these houses. Such gorgeous it!

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