Monday, June 07, 2010

Marlboro Man

If you're familiar with blogging then you're probably familiar with PW (click HERE for her blog).

She's great...funny, kind, creative,'d like her to be your neighbor if she didn't live out in the middle of Oklahoma on a cattle ranch with MM (short for Marlboro Man).

That's right, she's got her own bonefide cowboy whom she refers to as MM. I don't think he's a smoker, he's just all cowboy.

What you probably don't know is that I've got my own Marlboro Man who likes to wrangle his fair share and eat his vittles around campfire (well, maybe not around a campfire, but he does like his vittles!)

Dressed in yellow plaid, this MM is hard to miss. Paired with dungarees he may not be your average cowboy, but he is your average Romanian (although on the more-attractive-than-average side).

And while we don't live in the middle of America, we do live on the outskirts of Romania...and I'm sure you'd like us for a neighbor.

editor's note: I don't like this shirt. He (my husband) has worn it for around eight (8) years. It is getting close to thread bare (PTL). When such noted threades are bare, we will retire the shirt. Now that's cowboy.

and on a side note: Marlboro is a brand of clothing in Europe. And now you know...

One final note: I will not begin referring to my husband as MM, Marlboro Man, or any other such names affiliated with the brand of clothing, tobacco company or Pioneer Woman blog. Just so you know.

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