Monday, April 06, 2009

A Civil Ceremony

Here are the photos that were taken by a photographer at the ceremony. Everything happened pretty quickly. No vows were made, but we were asked whether we wanted to marry each other, to which we both answered, "Da." And then we were instructed on marriage in Romanian family law. 10 minutes later, we were married. We signed a giant book, and for the first time I signed my name: April Ispas. I tried to convince Bela to take my last name, but he was pretty sure he wanted to stay with Ispas. Which is fine....I think April Ispas looks so cute written out.


angela said...

these are adorable!

jo said...

you look gorgeous. I got all teared up!

Courtney said...

you do look adorable. i couldn't resist commenting again:) i think these are my favorite!

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