Monday, September 08, 2008


Sunk into the deck at camp is a big trampoline...Super Tramp, as it is called. Here are some pictures of the kids jumping...see if you can tell which one is me. :)


JamieB said...

super tramp-o-licious!! you're in #1 and #7 :)

Jennifer said...

You look like a cheerleader in that first picture! :D

la femme elisabeth said...

Alexander Supertramp's got nothin' on you. :)
Thanks for posting pics of camp--it's great to see all the smiles.

JEM said...

soooooo funny! Reminded me of your mbc cheering days... tell me, you HAD to have had that in mind when posing for that pic! Very beautiful as well... you (of course!) AND the countryside. :) jm

jo said...

bepo, next time u come to my house can we jump on our supertamp? love, sarah

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