Saturday, September 13, 2008

6 months

I left the states 6 months ago yesterday. Hard to believe. Friends took me out for a drink to celebrate and I said: can you drive me to the airport so I can go home (to the states) when we're done?

It's been a full 6 months...full of joy and peace and frustration and displacement and feasting and laughing and loving and praying and hoping and fear and struggling and wondering and learning and giving and tears.

And none of it is what I thought it would be. I'm not exactly okay with that, but I'm trying to be. I'm praying that I will be. As I read in my Bible this morning and then a little of Amy Carmichael, I heard plainly that the will of God for me is that I pray and then continue in prayer.

It isn't what I expected. Maybe it never is, but I know that His way is the one of Love, for He is Love. I hope, in the end, that the unexpected ends in love.


Daphne said...

happy six months april. what a marker in this journey. thanks for sharing about the unexpected, it was good to read.

thesix said...

April... I can relate..But in the end I am sure that HIS way will be Love, love for you, and love for those around you.

praying for new joys and new expirences!


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