Friday, August 03, 2007

Wise Sayings of Ava-LouRellie

I was getting in my car the other night with my niece Ava(she's 4), when out of the blue she declared: I hate Starbucks! They are taking over the world! It was quite random because at the moment we were in her isolated yard not even talking about Starbucks. I laughed and asked her why she disliked the corporate giant so much. She said: Because they are taking over the world. How do you know this, I inquired? She said: I just KNOWED it...and for the next 5 minutes went into length about losing all the Coffee Peoples which are being replaced by Starbucks...

Ava is also famous for coining the term 'figurized,' a combo of realized and figured...she really uses it as an actual word. She belives it is a word. We figurize that it works well and are adapting in into our everyday vernacular.

Finally, on the same night she monologued regarding Starbucks, I bought her some Reeses Pieces...which we call yumminess (I coined that term...wonder where Ava gets it...) We were all indulging in my sister's family basement, when Jonah decided to hit Ava over the head with a light saber (he was just super malice inteded). Still, it hurt and she cried. With parental units otherwise occupied, I scooped her into my lap and rubbed her head. I said: Would some yumminess make you feel better? Yes, she said. So, I gave her a few. After eating them she said: I think a few more yumminess would make me feel all better, maybe 1 or 3 or 2 or 5... I gave her a few more, she sighed, leaned back and said: yumminess feels everything better.

Yes it certainly does. Yumminess anyone?


Jennifer said...

I agree about Starbucks. I'm not a coffee drinker, so when I go in there I feel like everyone's speaking a foreign language. I love yumminess too! Anything with chocolate and peanut butter is yummy! Have you tried peanut butter m&ms?

la femme elisabeth said...

we are addicted to peanut butter m & m's as well. they too, are yumminess. Thanks for loving my kids so well, Bepo!

angela said...

yumminess. yes please.

Courtney said...

Yes please! And a double tall, non-fat, no foam, 1 splenda latte on the side. heheh

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