Tuesday, July 24, 2007

just another day...

Wish I had more exciting news to report than the fact that I AM QUITTING MY JOB!!!
Yep, August 31 will be my last day. Thanks to my sweet sister and her kind husband, I can leave my position at the end of August instead of the end of September (I'm going to live with my sister and her fam for a few weeks).
I haven't turned in notice yet, but will in the next week or so. If you know how much I've struggled in this position, well, you'll go have a drink in my honor as well as exclaim: Thanks be to God! Truly, I haven't felt like myself for the last year, which is sad in so many ways. And, it's been disappointing that this job wasn't what I'd hoped it would be...I thought it would be my dream job.
But I know good things have come from this, I've learned a ton, and that's always good. I was able to move to Portland and be close to Elisabeth and her family. Go to Imago Dei. Hike.Drink the Mother Lode.
Stay tuned for updates about where I'll be in the next month or so...several trips planned for Seattle, a big one to Houston, another big one to Romania, and then to Omaha and maybe St.Louis, back to Houston, and then to California until I depart for Romania again in early 2008.
I already feel myself coming back just writing all that...I'm sitting here with this big grin on my face. yay


JEM said...

Yay!!! :)

la femme elisabeth said...

Yay Hooray! I am glad you will be free of the BS that has been associated with that job! And we will enjoy living with you again before you go...and we will miss you when you do.

April said...

um...there is a sad lack of comments here for such good news....

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