Monday, June 04, 2007

Favorite Quote of the Week...

Last week held many special communicative moments...and many of them would be worth repeating.

Such as when my nephew Jonah expressed his disapproval over having to end our hike a tad bit early: This is the most horribleist hike I've been on in my life! (I tried to help him out by reminding him that if this is the worst it could be, then all the rest of his hikes for the rest of his life will never be this bad and will always be better than this one...he picked up dirt and threw it at me. :) I deserved it).

What I didn't deserve was the note he wrote later that said: Beootiful Bepo.

But my niece Ava won quote of the week when she draped herself over me and said: Don't go!
I asked her why I shouldn't leave and she said: Because I love you and will miss you when you go.

This kind of love I do not deserve.


JamieB said...

you deserve this and so much more. I think you are the most beootiful bepo i have ever met and i always miss you when you go.

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