Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Best Hike EVER or Digital Madness

Last Saturday Jonah and I completed the Angel's Rest hike that is snuggled into the Columbia Gorge through which the Columbia River cuts. The Gorge is part of the Lewis and Clark Trail. It only took us around 31/2 hours (!), many rests, and extreme digital documentation. Needless to say, I was so proud of us. It's about an 8 mile hike roundtrip and pretty much straight up on the way to the top. At a few points we thought we might go home, but we held out. When we finished and had this spectacular view Jonah said: I wish Ava was here to see this. Ava is his 4 year old sister...such a sweet boy.
On the way home we stopped and bought him a new pair of shoes with better traction. The poor kids kept slipping on the way down and every time he fell he said: I'm just getting beat! Perhaps it was exhaustion, but he deserved a reward for all his hard work and diligence.
Jonah and I talked about taking mental pictures while we walked...what it means to stop and remember a moment in your mind and in your heart. Under a tree swept bend, with afternoon sunshine dripping through branches, we stopped and remembered. In the OT it talks about remembering as part of especially priceless for me to stop remember and worship with Jonah. In that moment I was convinced of the goodness of God in letting me share such a time with Jo.
These are in no particular order...please enjoy them. For me they are an indescribable memory of time spent with my 6 year old nephew and while there happen to be a lot of pictures, they are priceless. Come remember with me...


JamieB said...

i love all of the photos! so pretty. im jealous you got to spend so much time with my nephew! and im jealous he got to spend so much time with my sister!
love you both so much

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