Sunday, August 06, 2006

"I profess, and to my last breath I shall profess it, that both in body and soul, in everything, whether in prosperity or adversity, you provide for me in the way that is most suitable...with one and uncreated wisdom, my sweetest God, reaching from end to end mightily and ordering all things sweetly." Gertrude the Great

This evening I sat on my sister's front porch in Portland and ate my dinner. It's a warm August night, and as the sun set, it hit me squarely, making me squint as its beams flooded my eye. I had a glass of wine and combined with the dinner I ate, warm sun, full tummy, and what is becoming normal exhaustion for me, I was a bit sleepy.
Ah- and then a cool breeze- is there anything on earth like an Oregon summer? At times like this I am convinced He does order all things sweetly.


Courtney said...

sounds heavenly:) Welcome to the world of Blogger! love,

la femme elisabeth said...

There is, indeed, nothing like an Oregon summer...wish i felt better to truly enjoy this last bit of it...

Brian and Tiffany said...

Your writing is so beautiful. I love reading your posts. I am so thankful that you found my blog and that we have connected. It seems like we are in a similar place and I hope all the best for you. Let’s keep in touch.


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