Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our first party

A couple weeks ago we had friends from the center over for dinner. I made potato soup (which was super yummy if I do say so myself) and played a few games. It was not only our first party, but also our first party with baby Lukas Fowler! Josh and Robin have returned to Galati with their little one and we love having a baby around again...he gets loved on lots!

I know, you gotta love the green couch! and we have not one, but two matching chairs!


Daphne said...

this makes me miss everyone there so much! what a fun party!

la femme elisabeth said...

Bela and Bepo--looks like a fun party! It was great to finally see pics of your flat, too. More coming? (hint hint)

Jenny M said...

Such fun! Cute place toooo :)

Jennifer said...

You look so pretty in blue April. The green couch is so retro!

Mel (AKA Dad, Papa Mel, Grampa) said...

We didn't get an invitation!

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