Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer '09 Playlist

Before I tell my playlist for the summer, I want to post what I think is the raddest photo I've ever taken. I used some setting on my camera that I don't remember, but it turned out so great! I think it would be beautiful blown up really big and set on a canvas type paper...make sure to click on the photo to get the full detail.

And now, here are the songs I loved this summer (and the reasons why they made my list):
Mighty to Save.....Hillsong (for the Sanchez family...because He conquered the grave)
Save us All.....Tracy Chapman (I just like this song...a lot)
Sweetest Thing.....U2 (because they always make the list, and ain't love the sweetest thing?)
Forever.....Chris Brown (Who wouldn't want to dance down the aisle? Double your pleasure...Double your fun)
Bad Day.....Daniel Power (for Grace because you had a bad day, you made a bad choice)
Tell me.....Sharon Jones (I just like a little disco to get my groove on)
She's like the wind.....Patrick Swayze (for Patrick Swayze)
Because You Loved Me.....Celine Dion (for Kris Bauernfiend...that girl can SING it)
The Way You Make Me Feel.....Michael Jackson (for the King of Pop)
Love You 'Till the End.....The Pogues (we danced to this song at our wedding...love never ends)
Stomp!.....The Brothers Johnson (a little more disco)
Boy Like Me/Man Like You.....Rich Mullins (for the 5 boys who I told the story of Moses to at summer camp)
Romanian Folk Dances.....(because we do them around the house...jk)
Sing for You.....Tracy Chapman (because I just really like her this summer)
Shine Your Light On Us.....Robbie Seay Band (because i like this band and this song is great)
How Great is our God.....Chris Tomlin (Because He is)


JamieB said...

oohh... i love this playlist!

jo said...

very nice! And I have to agree, that is the raddest picture u have ever taken!

JamieB said...

raddest... hehehe

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