Friday, August 22, 2008

Botanical Gardens

Our Friday excursion this week was the Botanical Gardens. They were nice, but if you come visit me I probably won't take you there...
Here are a few pictures. The little guy in purple came in this new Minnie Mouse outfit. He bought it for 7.6lei at piata mare...he was very proud of this. (If you do come to visit me we will go to piata mare). Anyway, all week long he's been wearing these shorts that are turned over at the waist a couple times so that they'll fit, but they still fall down. I'll say: Adi, pull up your pants. And he'll smile and say: scuze! He's a total doll...really.
The last 2 days he has also been fond of smelling my armpits and telling me I stink. I don't, but he doesn't like the smell of my deodarent and says I stink. He also likes to snuggle into me...can you tell I adore him?
I can't show his face, but here's his outfit and his little feet. (I know that I could make fun of his Minnie Mouse outfit since he makes fun of my smell, but I don't. He has so few things...and he does make Minnie look good).
The picture of me by myself he took...and then later Lenuta and I took a picture together because we were wearing the same color.
Lenuta and I are hoping to go to a play therapy training in Bucarest next week as long as housing works out. We're hoping for free housing. Actually, the only way we can go is if we have free housing. So please pray for us about that.


Mel Folkertsma (AKA Dad, Grampa) said...

I love the picture of you alone. You look so beautiful. Love you, Mom

jo said...

I asked Seth who was on his shirt and he said "Miiiickey" He also didn't seem to mind it was Minnie :) In fact, he loves Mickey so much he wants us to call him Mickey.

Jennifer said...

The picture of you by yourself is so cute!

Jeff and Aimee: said...

I think those are actually pajamas. There was a little Roma boy in Bucarest who was always wearing pajamas. He looked comfortable!


angela said...

why won't you take us to the botanical gardens? i'll be praying for the play therapy housing thing.

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