Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Dirty Job

For the last several years I’ve had this recurring cyst on the side of my face. I’ve seen doctors for it, but they don’t do anything beside recommend warm compresses. In the past I’ve squeezed the heck out of it, and it disappears for awhile. So, this little cyst decided to rear its ugly head again. Once it gets to be about the size of an olive it becomes quite painful. This time it hurt so much I couldn’t squeeze it down to a smaller size myself, so Lenuţa offered to do the dirty work. One night in Lepsa I lay on a bed while she squeezed the offended mass. It hurt, but a bunch of junk came out and so it appeared that once again the cyst would disappear. As we were getting ready for bed, Lenuţa came and found me to show me something in her room. When she had been squeezing this cyst, it had exploded and the force of it had literally flown across the room and landed on an opposite wall. It was really disgusting, but we both laughed and Lenuţa insisted we take pictures of the wall. (The cyst is getting smaller, almost gone, but I’m also taking antibiotics in case it was infected.)


angela said...

hahaha!! yikes! now that's a good friend. sorry you had to deal with that. :(

JamieB said...

i gagged. i can't believe you posted that... haha

Liz said...


haha, lenuta is a woman after my own heart. i love popping things, that would have been so fun.

Jennifer said...


jo said...

Have John tell you a story sometime of his friends and something that happened to them (he wasn't involved) very similar. hahahahah

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