Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Here's what I know of my schedule for my trip to Romania and Moldova:

Oct. 4: Leave for Romania
Oct. 8: Leave for Moldova
Oct. 14: Return to Romania
Oct. 18: Return to the states

So, it's not a ton of information, but hopefully it's a bit of an idea of where I'll be. I'll try and give some updates via the blog about what I'm learning and doing.

As many of you know, I had the flu yesterday and I'm still feeling not so great. Would appreciate your prayers as I still don't feel much like eating and I have some packing to do.

Right now I'm in Houston staying with my sister Jamie and her family. Yesterday was Jamie's birthday. We had plans to spend the day together, shopping and going to lunch. Instead I was hugging the toilet.She was so sweet and took such great care of me. Even today she's out running errands for me. I think it just speaks to what a great woman and friend and sister she up celebrating her birthday to take care of me. I'm so thankful...Happy Birthday Jamie...


Jennifer said...

I'm sorry to hear that you had the flu! It's never fun to be sick and I think it's harder when you're at someone else's house. That's great that Jamie was able to take care of you. I'll be praying that you feel back to yourself in time for your flight tomorrow.

angela said...

oh gosh! that's sounds so awful! i will be praying tonight for a swift recovery! lord have mercy!

Jourt said...

Have been praying for you. And looking forward to your updates. Love you!

Jason & Kris Bauernfeind said...

have a great time in Romania.. may the Lord bless your travels, hope your feeling better!!

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